AR15 Build Party

An “80% build party” is where a group of like minded individuals interested in learning how to make their own AR 15 rent shop/tool time, bring in their own 80% lower receiver ‘paper weights’, and leave with a ‘completed’ lower receiver that they can use as the frame upon which they can legally build their own (unregistered) AR 15 rifle, with no serial number.


Build Party Benefits

  • Learn how to build AR 15 rifles by watching others and asking questions.
  • Save money – no need to purchase expensive specialty tools and jigs you may only to use once just to finish your lower receiver and complete your build.
  • Save time – in this political climate, there is no better time than the present to build your dream AR 15.
  • Have fun and meet people with similar interests.


Build Party Legal Issues

You must perform all the work to complete your lower receiver (a.k.a ‘manufacture a firearm’) yourself; no one else is legally allowed to do this for you, assuming your goal is to build yourself you own totally legal unregistered AR 15.

You cannot complete a lower receiver (a.k.a ‘manufacture a firearm’) for anyone else – whether as a gift or for money.

Once you have milled/drilled out the voids in the receiver and have transformed the 80% paper weight into a firearm, you are not allowed to immediately sell or transfer it to anyone else. While it is possible to legally transfer the ‘used’ firearm at some point in the future, by law, the person manufacturing the firearm should have no intention of transferring ownership or possession of it, at the time of its creation.